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SKU: 06655


Cage for Parakeets and Exotic birds


Dimensions (L * W * H): 50 × 30 × 58 cm

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Your parakeets and exotic birds will find small moments of freedom thanks to the Elisa cage. In fact, this cage with a blue avio plastic base, with a rectangular base and a blue painted wire mesh structure, has a wide front opening that can be completely opened, equipped with a branch-shaped perch. This great opening will also be useful for daily maintenance or to insert fresh vegetables necessary for the feeding of your volatile friend. For a quick cleaning of the cage, the pull-out drawer on the bottom will be particularly useful. Thanks to the four Mia feeders, providing food to the birds from the outside will be extremely convenient and thanks to the closing grille, when it is necessary to remove the feeder for thorough cleaning, there will be no risk of bird escape. The three branch-shaped perches allow similar use to that found in nature, to the benefit of your bird’s muscles. The accessories of this cage with a rounded roof are completed by the Tweety 100 drinker. Try the convenient optional Portagabbie 226 that will allow you to move the cage with extreme ease, thanks to the swivel wheels.

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Dimensions 50 × 30 × 58 cm

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