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Cage for hamsters


Dimensions (L * W * H): 80 × 48.5 × 38 cm
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Hamsters 16 spacious hamster cage full of accessories to create the perfect habitat. Thanks to the high plastic tray, your hamster will be able to dig, avoiding to spread the litter outside the cage. The metal mesh structure has three openings with a safety hook to prevent leakage of your pet. Two on the roof and a side one will allow you to reach the small rodents in every corner of the cage and to distribute the food. Four convenient side hooks allow you to unhook / hook the bottom from the net for normal maintenance and cleaning operations. It has two shelves attached to the net, connected by a Tibetan bridge and two game tunnels to go down into the bottom. Your hamsters’ dwelling is completed by the Little House, the Mini Bowl and the Closed Wheel. Criceti 16, the perfect cage to let your little rodents play, climb, run and even rest. Criceti 16 is an easily assembled cage, made with the space-saving system to save you on transport and storage costs.

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Dimensions 80 × 48.5 × 38 cm

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