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SKU: 19498


Cage for hamsters


Dimensions (L * W * H): 54 × 39 × 27 cm

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Yo-Yo is a cage made of sturdy non-toxic hamster plastic, comfortable and functional. Both the bottom and the lid are transparent so you can always watch your little rodent. The two side clips allow you to separate the bottom for normal maintenance and cleaning of the cage. On the upper part of the roof a large plastic door with holes ensures the passage of air and will allow you to easily reach your small animals as well as every corner of the cage. The two holes on the roof allow you to create an external path with the optional Kit Sphere and Sphere, creating a habitat where your hamster can play while having fun. You can make the Yo-Yo cage even more welcoming with the numerous IMAC accessories including the Bibber 70 drinker equipped with two suction cups for fixing inside the cage.

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Dimensions 54 × 39 × 27 cm

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