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Cage for hamsters


Dimensions (L * W * H): 54 × 39 × 27 cm

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Built in solid plastic, Yo-Yo Plus is a hamster cage perfect for teaching your kids to take care of the little rodent while having fun. Transparent bottom and lid allow you to have perfect visibility of your pet. This cage is a perfect Habitat for your hamster as it is complete with the following accessories: Mini Bowl plastic bowl, Play House ladder shelf, Rolly wheel and Hut nest. The convenient side clips make it easier to release the roof from the bottom to keep the cage clean at all times. On the top of the roof a large plastic door with holes ensures perfect ventilation and will allow you to easily reach your small animals as well as every corner of the cage. The two holes on the roof allow you to create an external path with the optional Kit Sphere and Sphere, to entertain your little rodent and keep it in shape. Available as an optional the comfortable Bibber 70 drinker with suction cup fixing.

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Dimensions 54 × 39 × 27 cm

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