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Trout & Cranberry Cat Sticks

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SKU: 622000055


for adult cats

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Our Sanabelle trout & cranberry cat sticks are short-cut, grain-free sticks with a very high meat & fish content (88 %, including 20 % fresh chicken, 8 % trout) and dried cranberry (1 %).

Due to the high moisture content (about 28 %) the snacks are very soft and have an extremely high level of acceptance from pets.

Yucca extracts and the extra dose of taurine make the snack for cats especially valuable.

* Even with the utmost care in the manufacture and packaging of our products, traces of other animal protein sources or (gluten-containing) cereals cannot be completely excluded.


Meat and animal by-products (84 %* in total, thereof 20 % fresh chicken), fish and fish derivatives (8 % trout), minerals, fruits (1 % cranberry dehydrated), derivatives of vegetable origin (thereof 0.05 % yucca dehydrated).
* thereof 67 % lean meat


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