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SKU: 07357


EASY PLUS 80 Cage for rabbits and guinea pigs


Dimensions (L * W * H): 80 × 48.5 × 42 cm

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A two-storey house, beautiful, welcoming, with bright colors, this is the Easy Plus 80 rabbit and guinea pig cage. Large plastic bottom to prevent litter residues from escaping, dirtying the floor and structure in blue painted wire mesh, with two large doors in the front and top that allow quick maintenance operations. Finally, for easy cleaning, the upper mesh part can be completely unhooked thanks to the two side clips. The cage has a plastic shelf attached to the net, connected to the bottom with a ladder. Together with the cage through the side door we have Sweet Home, the little house to offer your rodent more space to live, play and sleep. Sweet Home has a sunroof and an extractable drawer to keep it always clean, it is also connected to the bottom with a ladder and is equipped with a closing door to separate it from the cage. The Fun Bowl plastic bowl, the Feel external hay feeder and the Bibber 400 drinker with practical connection to the net complete the habitat of this comfortable cage. To easily move the Easy Plus 80 cage, try the optional 80 Blue painted metal door holder with swivel wheels. Easy Plus 80 is an easily assembled cage and is made with the space-saving system to save you on transport and storage costs.

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Dimensions 80 × 48.5 × 42 cm

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